Saturday, August 29, 2009


Judy happens to be a bit of a photographer, so when she and Allan came to visit, she took lots of pictures of our neighbourhood! You may have already seen them on Facebook, but here they are again, just in case you missed them.

Here we are with Allan on top of the roof of our building. The whole thing is set up so you can walk around up here, it's about 25 stories up. There are chaises if you feel like sun bathing and a rooftop indoor pool.
Here is our view of the downtown core. What I was most surprised by when we first went out on the roof, was that our view is almost entirely trees. I still don't understand it because when I actually walk around the city, all I see are are streets and buildings, but from this high up, all that you see are trees everywhere with a few pockets of buildings here and there. John says those are the subway stations.

This is our view of Eglinton West. It's the street I travel every day to get to work. It's lined with shops on both sides, so when you're actually on the street it looks very commercial, but up here it looks like beyond the main drag is suburbs, maybe.

And here it is at night. At night our view is almost all black with a few brightly lit streets here and there.
Here's another one that was taken during the storm, looking out southwest.
The next picture is what you see when you walk outside. It's a walkway that leads to the mall and at noon it's filled with people in suits lounging around eating lunch.
And this is the sign out front. Look for it if you come to visit us!
And lastly, here is a shot from inside our subway station.
So, as you can see, we're very much in the city, surrounded by concrete and tall buildings, which is exactly where I want to be. But there are lots of parks around and the transit system is great, so we can surround ourselves with nature if we want to too.

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