Monday, August 10, 2009

Lazy Sunday

John was pretty tuckered by the time Sunday rolled around since he had been going non stop for about 10 days, so it was time for a lazy day.

We slept in, had cold pizza for breakfast and watched some TV. I knitted/crochet a pair of Mary Jane slippers to keep my feet toasty on the hardwood floors of the apartment. They are dark blue, made from some yarn I forgot I had that I found during the move, and they turned out super cute.

We got dressed and headed to the mall to see the new G.I. Joe movie. I really liked it, it was much better than Transformers, just a fun summer action movie. We went to the Pickle Barrel for supper afterward because we wanted to check it out since it was so close to home. It's a family restaurant that falls somewhere between Swiss Chalet and the Keg. The food was good though, we ordered a chicken and spinach salad and a pound of beef fajitas and just shared everything. They serve all day breakfast too, so we will probably go back for brunch some time.

We stopped in at the drugstore and then headed home to settle in for the night. Shortly after we got home, the thunderstorm started. I haven't seen a thunderstorm like that ever in Halifax, if at all. The sky was normal at first, and then the thickest, blackest cloud cover I have ever seen covered the whole city in about five minutes. The rain started, and then the thunder. The flashes of lightning came about every five to ten seconds and lit up the whole sky. Sometimes we would see two or three lightning bolts at a time. John and I watched the storm for about an hour, until my eyes hurt from all of the bright flashes, but it went on for at least two more hours after that.


  1. Finally caught up with all your entries, hadn't had a chance to read them all while I was in Montreal. Glad to hear you and John seem to be doing well. Say hi to him for and Alan, and Alan says hi to you too :)