Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving Day

John and I had a deal. He would take care of finding the apartment and the driving if I would do the packing. Fair.

I did my best to pack as much as I could in the two weeks before the move. The post office was kind enough to give us a whole bunch of cube shaped boxes and I had them stacked in piles six high all over the apartment.

It was such a big job to pack our little one bedroom apartment. I can't even imagine what it must take to pack a whole house. In the last two days before the move I basically packed from dusk until dawn. At first I neatly labeled each box with all of the contents and the room where it should be placed, but after I was done you could almost tell the order in which I packed the boxes by my penmanship. It got progressively messier and more rushed and the last few boxes weren't labeled at all.

We had it all done by the night of the 27th. That day Dad took us for lunch and then our to Lake Echo to pick up the truck and say our goodbyes to Robbie and CJ. We were up early the next morning and joined by Cliff, Ian, Erin and Alan and Ryan, a guy that John worked with. He would help us load the truck and in exchange, we brought some of his stuff up to Toronto with us so that it would be here when he moves up next month.

The whole operation went off without a hitch. We worked efficiently and had everything in the truck within an hour and a half. I don't believe the truck could have held a single extra item, it was filled to the ceiling! Somehow John managed to fit all of our stuff in there and even managed to get the plants in without crushing them.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning. The apartment wasn't very messy but it still took Erin, John and I the whole afternoon to finish it. Erin scrubbed all of the stains out of the counter, John washed down the walls and cupboards and I vacuumed and cleaned the appliances and fixtures. We finished around 6:30pm and did our out inspection. Happily our work paid off because I got the whole of my damage deposit back. I had been worried about it, so it was a relief.

We headed over to Mom's for showers. Alan showed up and we all went to Henry House for dinner. I must have been tired because I had two drinks and was ready to pass out. John was no better, he fell asleep as soon as we got back to Mom's. I stayed up to chat with her and Erin, I figured sleep could wait.

I slept in the next morning but Mom made sure I got up. We had teary goodbyes and were on the road by 8am.

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