Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Exchange!

On Wednesday I headed into work early for the cookie exchange. Check out my haul:

I brought the peanut butter balls, everything else was brought by members of the training department.

All in all, everything was good but nothing really jumped out at me as amazing. The Skor bit cookies got eaten up the fastest and I thought the lime flavoured shortbreads were a neat idea. I also liked the tiny rum balls (which is funny because I don't usually like rum balls). We also swapped recipes but I think the only one I would make again is the Portuguese biscuits. I'm really impressed by their texture, it's exactly like the cookies you get in the blue tin at Christmas.

It was definitely a fun experience though, and I hope to do another one next year!


  1. I think I would love to participate in one of these cookie exchanges, you have such a great variety there to try. Maybe you could host your own exchange next year and invite only those who you know are great cooks.

  2. Great idea! Maybe if I get into pastry school I'll meet lots of good cookie bakers too :)